Modern love

VDAY-1Here’s the Valentines card I made for my boyfriend, I drew the hands and arms separately and glued them on so there’s a slightly 3-D element happening. The stripes are meant to indicate a Breton style top, however I realise now that she looks like a burglar. Also, the hair’s a bit wrong. But what the heck, it’s made with love and in return I got a Lisa Jones card and a bunch of roses. I’ve been requesting peonies since at least 2010- while I wait for that particular dream to come true, I’ll continue to accept roses. Not carnations though, no way hosé.

Bagel Handbag

New Good Studio collage feat. Loud & Quiet magazine and Tesco bagel image New Good Studio collage feat. ad from Loud & Quiet magazine and Tesco bagel imageHere are some collage-lite images (ie I just laid them on the scan bed, following minimal cutting and no sticking at all). I’ve had the Tesco bagel pics on my shelf for ages, hanging around for the right companions. Yesterday I picked up a copy of slick music paper Loud & Quiet, which is brimming with eye-catchy images – and my little bagel collage conundrum was instantly resolved.

Holding hands

This is a card I made for my boyfriend for our anniversary. I had some patterned papers around the house and decided they would make good jumpers – the grey pattern is from a jar of M&S chutney and the pink stars pattern is from a take away menu at Wagamamas. For the envelope, I undertook the fastest ‘how to’ ever and turned an old envelope inside out.

Play with your paper

This week I have been playing with paper for a commission I’ve been working on (for more info, watch this space). I had some bits and pieces left over, so I made this little crew of oddball creations. Each of them just evolved naturally as I stuck shapes together and they began to remind me of something, at which point I added eyes (and beaks). By the way, that’s a hairy arm attached to the brain-monster, top right. I like the curious birds and my very own Weeping Woman. If you’d like to see more of my papercut work, go to Cargo Collective.