#W.I.D.A.T.W. (what I did at the weekend)

This weekend I went to Nottingham, where I lived until January 2011.  I have been back to visit a handful of times, though this was my first trip for a while and it was weird feeling like a tourist in a place that’s so familiar to me.  I saw this painted onto the wall near Rock City, I’ve never noticed it before, but it’s certainly an essential bit of city knowledge:

On Saturday night I went to Ronnie Londons, a sixties night in a pub.  I’m quite pleased with this photo, I like to think it looks like something out of This Is England!  I always think about This Is England when I’m in Nottingham as lots of it was shot there and director Shane Meadows is from Notts. Because of the light, the room looks quite smoky (remember those days?) and there’s a big hairdo featuring in the photo, straight out of the family album!

If I take a photograph I like, it’s generally an accident!  I have no idea about the ‘rules’ of taking good photos, and I don’t have a decent camera, I just use the one on my mobile phone.  I like to take pictures of things and people I see and just see how they turn out. Very often I think an unconventional/ unplanned composition is really interesting.

This one’s a touch blurry, but what the heck I want to share it anyway.  Taken at my friend Eva’s house.  I want a dressing table! *My feet really are that big.

This is a picture of the magazine I was reading (ok I mostly looked at the pictures), taken on my way back on the bus.  I like how Gillian appears to be beaming light from her right eye and she has a hole in her chest due to the flash from the camera!  When I was at college studying art foundation GW was my top artist.  She has a show at the Whitechapel which is on my things-to-do list.  The simple act of taking a mag on board the National Express can increase the luxury factor a LOT.  Stick a bag of crisps in the mix and you’re practically flying first class..practically.